What Now

In 2011 What Now celebrated thirty years of bringing its unique brand of fun, mess and prizes to New Zealand’s kids.

Broadcasting live for 2 hrs every Sunday morning from 8am on TV2, What Now continues its reign as the most popular kid’s show in New Zealand.

  • 150,000 Viewers every week

  • 61412 Website visitors June 2011

  • 62,356 Online competition entries June 2011

  • 1,161,137 Website Page views June 2011

  • 62% Audience share of 5-14 year olds

For 31 years What Now has been wowing, exciting and gunging New Zealand audiences. It's become as much a part of New Zealand as barbeques, jandals, pavlova and tomato sauce! But the dedicated team at What Now aren't resting on their laurels. They're committed to ensuring this iconic show remains the gold standard for New Zealand kid's telly.

  • Hilarious parodies of music vids and popular TV shows like Stars in Disguise and Da Apprentice keep the laughs coming.
  • Comic characters such as our pre-school TV troupe The Wobblies
  • Live In Your Living Room turns the show on its head to broadcast live from a typical Kiwi family's not-so-typical Sunday morning
  • Much-loved presenters Gem, Johnson, Adam and Ronnie provide warm and engaging "big sister and brother" role models when they're not throwing foam pies.
  • Other What Now regulars keep the show ticking along: Camilla the Gorilla provides additional relief and bananas, while The Teachinator takes on real-life schoolteachers Gladiator-style, to the amusement of their cheering students.
  • Competitions, games, giveaways and gunge galore - from physical challenges such as the Super Circuit to phone-in games that connect viewers from all across the country with the in-studio antics.

Interactivity is key: viewers still write letters and emails - and the Teleops take thousands of viewer phone calls per show. But What Now has expanded into a multimedia platform running 24/7 through its website, Twitter feed and YouTube partnership. Feedback is instant, and What Now listens - all part of the What Now philosophy of seeing the world through children's eyes.

What Now Website

What Now broadcasts 24/7 via its online home at www.whatnow.tv. In 2010 the site was judged “Best Youth Website” at the NetGuide Awards for the second consecutive year. The website is an excellent vehicle for competitions and sponsorship activity both during the show and through the week; as well a useful linking tool to product pages to facilitate increased exposure and product branding.

Visit whatnow.tv